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Mangrove Bridge Phra Chedi Klang Nam #Rayong

Natural lures, cross the bridge to see the mangrove forest Forest in Rayong Nature study and eco-tourism with a long bridge for strolling and enjoying the pleasant view

Take chic photos, play with the lines with the view of the bridge. or a cool act with natural scenery in the background can have fun for a long time because the bridge is really long There are two sides to choose from. On the Khot Por side, you will find a bridge to study the nature of the mangrove forest, a relaxation pavilion, and see the natural view of the mangrove forest during high and low tide. On the seaside, there are bridges connecting to 4 bridges for viewing views and resting pavilions at various points. mangrove bridge pagoda in the middle of water Considered as another hip location. In the city of Rayong that is very interesting to visit.


mangrove bridge pagoda in the middle of water It has been in operation since October 16, 2017 in an area of ​​500 rai to create a learning pavilion, a relaxation pavilion, and a mangrove natural study bridge. Community seedling nursery Nature trails, 2 piers, and project office buildings and developed to be a source of learning People can benefit from mangrove forests in Rayong both directly and indirectly. make more income It has a positive effect on the quality of life in the economy. And society to support the Eastern Economic Corridor or EEC according to the policy “forest in the city Pracharat Forest Park for the happiness of the Thai people.”

* Now the seaside bridge Currently in painting process Which is about to be completed soon, you will be able to walk comfortably. If you come to travel, there is still energy left. Don’t forget to visit the Chaloem Phrakiat View Tower. Phra Chedi Klang Nam Mangrove Ecosystem Learning Center One more location to see the view. Good time is in the morning or after 4:00 p.m., it’s not too hot. #Travel to Rayong. You can try every day.

Traveling all the way to the Phra Chedi in the middle of the water. (Samut Chedi) Park the car inside when you see the Chedi in the middle of the water in front of you. On the right side is a walking bridge to see the mangrove forest. On the left hand side is a walking bridge to see the mangrove forest on the coast. There is a bridge to see the view up to the Chalerm Phrakiat View Tower.


: Mangrove Bridge pagoda in the middle of the water

: Phra Chedi in the middle of the water (Samut Chedi), Amphoe Mueang

Rayong Province

: 09:30 – 16:30

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