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Saeng Chan Beach, the most beautiful curved beach in Rayong

Saeng Chan Beach is in Mueang District, Rayong Province, about 3 hours drive from Bangkok. It is a quiet beach. The highlight of Saeng Chan Beach is at The beach is curved like a long horseshoe for a distance of more than 10 kilometers to the end of the road. It was caused by building a barrier to prevent wave erosion along the coastline, sure enough. Make this place become another landmark to take beautiful pictures of Rayong .

     This Saengchan Beach has a road along the beach where you can swim. but can only be played on the beach Because beyond the coast, the waves are quite strong. Or you can come to walk, play, see the scenery, ride a bicycle and enjoy the atmosphere by the sea. And in the evening until the evening, Saeng Chan Beach will be full of seafood restaurants. The location is lined up on both sides of the road.

     You can sit and eat by the sea, spread a mat, spread a canvas umbrella, or you can bring your own mat and order food from the shop as well. The food that is sold will be seafood, dipping, grilled fish, or even Isaan food. You can get the feeling of eating by the sea because of the atmosphere around. There will be a cool breeze

     Accommodation around Saeng Chan Beach will have beach accommodation. Choose to relax comfortably. And at the end of the beach is next to Laem Charoen Beach, where fishing boats are parked. and source of fish Causing villagers to set up a shop selling fresh seafood, whether it’s blue crab, sea crab, squid or oysters at affordable prices. for buying back to eat at home

     In addition, Saeng Chan Beach will have many viewpoints together. There is a line of stone walls in addition to being used to protect against sea waves. You can also take beautiful and chic photos and there is another activity that is fishing. where we can see many fishermen standing and sitting along the rocks

     If there is not much time must come to Saeng Chan Beach, Rayong Province. Another place to relax near Bangkok that is quiet and not crowded. Come and breathe in the smell of the sea and feel the cool breeze. but also fresh seafood Let’s eat it too. Who doesn’t know where to go to the sea? I can remember here. It’s another very good option.

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