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"Wat Pa Pradu" to pay homage to the "Buddha reclining on the left side"

“Wat Pa Pradu” is in Rayong City on Sukhumvit Road. It is an old temple in Rayong, presumably built in the Ayutthaya period. Has been raised as a royal monastery since 1980, formerly known as “Wat Pa Lelai”. There is a monk named preceptor candle Came to stay here to practice Vipassana meditation The neighboring villagers believed in him. Therefore persuading each other to build a parsonage and jointly renovate this temple until prospering Later, the name of the temple was changed to “Wat Pa Pradu”  because there is a Pradu tree Big inside many temples But now there is only one tree left at the entrance of the temple.

The outstanding thing inside this Pa Pradu Temple is that there is an ancient “Left Side Reclining Buddha Image” which is the strangest reclining Buddha image in Thailand. Normally, when building a reclining Buddha image Usually imprinted in the position lying on the right side. But the reclining Buddha image at Wat Pa Pradu was built in the position lying on his left side.

For the Buddha statue lying on his left side It has a length of 11.95 meters and a height of 3.60 meters. has restored the damaged part of the Buddha image and covered it with new gold It is assumed that It is built according to the Buddha’s history. When the Buddha performed Yamaka miracles for the devotees to see with the Buddha’s vision showing the same symptoms as the Buddha in pairs When they reached a reclining posture, they turned their faces towards each other, lying on their left side. and right in the same way The creator therefore created the meaning of the Buddha miracle. thus creating a Buddha image reclining on the left side

The distinctive feature of the Buddha image lying on its left side is special. His head was supported with his left hand. When observing from Phra Ket, Rai Phra Sok and Jew, it is expected that they were built in the Ayutthaya period. It is regarded as one of the old monks of Rayong. And Wat Pa Pradu has been elevated to the status of a royal temple since 1990.

Inside the temple there is an old Ubosok. Originally, Phrakru Samutsamankhun (Aew) and the villagers jointly built it in 1906, coinciding with the reign of King Rama V. The front of the chapel was further supported by a roof supported by pillars. which is a style of art that was popular in the early Rattanakosin period Double stacked roof decorated with Chofah Bai Roka, interesting thing is that this church was influenced by Chinese art, such as the front gable or the east side. A stucco depicting the Lord Buddha rising above the lotus flower in the middle of the pond. There is a stork pecking frogs in the pond. The back of the ordination hall is molded with stucco patterns of plants. lift the bouquet into petals floating off the wall There are lions playing with marbles on each side. In addition, the Fine Arts Department has registered as a historical site with the most beautiful gable in the east as well.

If anyone has visited this temple After bowing down to the main Buddha image in the chapel for good fortune In the area under the ubosot, there is a basement hole for Buddhists to pass under the ordination hall. with the belief that after going through it, I wish you to be safe Safe from all dangers Below there is a viewpoint for the Buddha image. On the right hand side there are 9 ancient visions. If all 9 visions are touched, one will experience happiness, prosperity and success as desired.

Next, there is the “Wan Phra Palilai”.

Inside is enshrined an old Buddha image in the posture of Palilai. Originally attached to the temple as well as the reclining Buddha image and used to be the principal Buddha image of the temple before. It has a height of 6.02 meters and is enshrined in the newly built sanctuary in 1958 because the original sanctuary was very dilapidated. In addition, within the temple there are other interesting things such as an ancient chedi that is over 100 years old, Wihan Buraphachan.

Getting to Wat Pa Pradu Can use 2 routes, the first route From Sukhumvit Road, Sai 3, through the city of Rayong Province, the landmark is through Rayong Hospital. Wat Pa Pradu School Then turn left into Soi Pa Pradu Road to reach Wat Pa Pradu.

As for the second route, from Route 36 (Bypass) to Koh Loi intersection. Turn right onto Chan Udom Road. through the city of Rayong Province At the hospital three-way intersection, turn left onto Sukhumvit Road No. 3, pass Rayong Hospital. Wat Pa Pradu School Then turn left into Soi Pa Pradu Road, you will see Wat Pa Pradu.