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Yomjinda Road

History of Yomjinda Road, Rayong, old area, vintage

     This old district, Yomjinda Road, is the first street of Rayong that stretches parallel to the Rayong River. This is the first commercial city of the eastern seaboard in the past. This road originated from the initiative of Phra Si Samut Phok (Im Yom Jinda), the last governor of Rayong. to cut the road in the middle of the city in an era when transportation still relies mainly on water

    From then on, trade sources moved from the water to the land. And Yomjinda Road has become the center of Rayong since then.

     But with the prosperity of the country that has passed through the ages causing the important economic area like Yom Jinda Road to decay over time Rayong people and communities around that area Therefore set up a group to preserve and restore the old city of Rayong. cooperate with the municipality Restore this old community area again. by virtue of the charm of the old and closed the road every Saturday and Sunday to open as a walking street  for us to walk, chill, take beautiful photos, find delicious food, taste Feel the aura from the past, sure enough.

Rayong City Museum

     Within this Yom Jinda Road In addition to having old houses in the past that have been preserved, there is also the Rayong City Museum. That shows the history of Rayong province, old photos, old things that are fascinating as well.

      We can walk to see old buildings. old houses and the atmosphere of the old town that can still be seen The way of life of people that has passed through time and passed on to their descendants. The smiles of the community and the spirit of kindness that are still available to each other, which may be difficult to find in this era as well.

Stop by to sip tea at Rayong

       In addition to the beautiful architecture in this old area. There are still many delicious restaurants to walk and taste along the way. The highlight is at Rayong , a famous dessert shop that has arrived in Rayong and would like to say that you should not miss it.

      The atmosphere in the shop is reminiscent of old ways of life. The inside of the shop is decorated with antiques. The restaurant’s tasting menu There are many whether Roti with condensed milk dip, Khaek Salad, Boiled Organic Fish Balls and others, the price of which will be 25 – 35 baht, including the rice menu. available to taste Pineapple Baked Rice, Melon Salad, and more.      

For bread menus such as dusted bread (bread with condensed milk sprinkled with ovaltine) It’s very nice to eat. There are also traditional iced tea, raw Ovaltine, traditional coffee and other beverages. Choose as you like too. Come to visit Rayong Can chill in the old area, see old houses, old things that remind you of the old days, sip tea, sit and chill, eat dusty bread Great menu as well Finn…just at once. who wants to visit come to chill in the old town atmosphere like this On Saturday-Sunday holidays, you can drive straight to Rayong City. Not far from Bangkok as well.

How to get to Yom Jinda Road

      From Sukhumvit Road, turn into Phakdi Borirak Road and Yom Jinda Road, it will be at the second intersection on the left hand side or enter Taksin Maharat Road about 400 meters and Yom Jinda Road will be on the right hand side.

Yomjinda Road , Old Town, Rayong

Address : Yom Chinda Road, Mueang Rayong District, Rayong Province


Opening hours: general stores open daily 10.00-20.00, walking street open Saturday-Sunday 18.00-22.00

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